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The roadmap to success for any organisation is charted on two basic tenets - the Mission it has set for itself and its Vision for the future. In addition to these two, we at TCS, in the time-honoured tradition of the Tata Group, have an equally sound foundation - our Values.

As we move forward, the most important contributors to our quest for excellence would be our belief in and commitment to our Vision, our Mission statement and our Values.

Achievement of our Vision - Global Top 10 by 2010 - would be measured in terms of revenue, profitability, number of Fortune 500 customers, technology leadership, and we compete today with the best organisations in the business, worldwide.

Being a Tata Group company, our Values hold pride of place in our scheme of things. We have identified the Values that we would uphold in our quest for business excellence - namely,




Leading change,




Respect for the individual


Learning & Sharing.

Experience Certainty

At TCS, it means achieving real business results that allow you to transform, and not just maintain, your operations. Our IT services, business solutions, and outsourcing bring you a level of certainty that no other competitor can match. You'll experience requirements that are met on-time, within budget, and with high quality; greater efficiency and responsiveness to your business; and the ability to shift investment to strategic initiatives rather than tactical functions.


With the market roused by frequent changes, enterprises must adapt themselves for market transformations and changing competition. Innovation and differentiation are the two key survival mantras for today.

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