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Cargo equivalente:Ingeniero
Área del cargo:Operaciones y Procesos
Subnivel de cargo:Profesional
Años de experiencia totales:Entre 5 y 7
Años de experiencia en el cargo:Sin experiencia
Ciudades:Bogotá D.C. - Bogotá
Profesión u oficio:Geología
Nivel de estudio:Universitaria
Idioma:Inglés (100)
Cantidad de vacantes:1
Fecha de publicación:20/04/2011
Fecha de Vencimiento:20/05/2011
Descripción:IPA currently has exciting opportunities available for Project Analysts in the Downstream, Mining and Minerals Processing, and Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Sectors Independent Project Analysis, Inc. (IPA) is the preeminent organization specializing in project and program evaluation and consulting for the process industries. We are a global company with offices worldwide and a client portfolio that includes most of the leading companies. IPA’s Latin America office, located in Curitiba, state of Paraná, Brazil, has openings for analysts who can contribute to studying the factors that determine success in complex, technologically advanced projects in the Downstream, Mining and Minerals (M&M) Processing, and the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production (E&P) sectors. Responsibilities include collecting and analyzing data, writing reports, giving client presentations, and working with clients to develop Best Practices to improve business competitiveness.
Requisitos para aplicar:For the Mining and Minerals Processing and/or E&P sectors, applicants should have the following: • Master’s degree or equivalent in geology, geology engineering, mining engineering, petroleum geology, petroleum engineering, drilling engineering, or allied fields. • Quantitative analytical skills • Interpersonal skills to maintain and develop relationships at senior levels within client companies • Effective written and oral communication skills with full bilingual or trilingual capabilities (English and Portuguese or Spanish) • Relevant experience in the above areas; project experience is highly desirable • Prior consulting experience desirable, but not essential • Willingness to travel both domestically and abroad (about 25% of the time) • Willingness to relocate to Curitiba, Brazil (relocation expenses are covered) For the Downstream Sector All of the above except that specialization could also be: Master’s degree or equivalent in engineering, economics, statistics, or any exact sciences, or allied fields We offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and the opportunity for professional growth. Curitiba has been selected several times as one of the best cities to live in the world and was recently awarded ‘Most Sustainable City’.
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Esta Oferta de empleo ya no está disponible. Encuentra vacantes similares.

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