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Base empresarial Concentrix

About Concentrix

Concentrix is a recognized leader in providing platforms, people and services to support high-value interactions at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

We have locations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada, and the United States in over 33 major languages; we give our clients the global reach essential for business success…our results: Satisfied Clients.

In our Costa Rica site we provide the following services: Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales and Social Media in eight different languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Turkish.

As part of our interests we care about our environment developing sustainable activities with our “Green Committee”. Concentrix also cares about our community by joining social programs in order to help others.

Our Values…Our 3Vs

At Concentrix, our everyday business is guided by a very direct set of beliefs: Value, Visibility and Velocity, they are our 3 Vs.
Visibility: transparency allows Concentrix to see progress and any barriers to success. Visibility throughout the organization allows us to quickly see, and promptly address, challenges and opportunities. Concentrix provides both transparency and consistent delivery process from all of our centers worldwide.

Velocity: means being flexible and reacting to change as quickly as possible, we must move quickly to identify where we have delays in any process, identify the problem and eliminate it. Improving quality then improves speed allowing Concentrix to make the right decisions on time EVERY TIME.

Value: if anything we do does not produce value we quite simply shouldn’t be doing it. A focus on value forces all of our resources to activities important to our customers. At Concentrix, we believe that quality is best defined by our customers.

Join Us

We are looking for talented people just like you with goals and excellence in every way. Join us and start building your professional path….Find out how far you can go!

In Concentrix we are building something great!

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