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Revoicing agents
Empresa: Teleperformance
Perfil: Established in 1978,Teleperformance is the global expert in contact center management,creating more value through a better customer experience. Our mission is to extend our leadership by setting the highest standards in how we serve and support our employees, our clients and their customers,our shareholders and the communities where we live. And in so doing,lead the transformation of the contact center industry from a commoditized necessity to one of great strategic value for our clients.
Descripción ClearCaptions provides text of phone conversations for people with hearing loss. Certified as a caption telephone provider by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), ClearCaptions offers an innovative suite of communication services on a variety of platforms, including personal computers, mobile devices and home phones.
Requisitos: • Producing real-time and accurate captions (Ability to focus and repeat heard English language clearly, in order to provide fast, accurate captioning on telephone calls) • Communication skills • Strict Confidentiality • Maintain quality standards as captioning agent for speed and accuracy • Excellent hearing and ability to discern meaning from a variety of accents, regional dialects and areas of knowledge • Perform voice captionings of live English Calls
Fecha de publicación: 16/03/2018 Fecha de cierre: 31/03/2018
Cantidad de vacantes: 100 Salario: ¢ 450 a 550 mil
Tipo de candidato: Nivel de cargo: Profesional
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